Russia Becoming Digitally Isolated

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Shelby Summerhays, Style and Trends Editor

As Russia creates havoc and chaos among the country of Ukraine, a digital isolation has been established between Russia and the entire world.  Companies such as TikTok, Netflix, and Facebook have temporarily shut down their Internet services in Russia.  Other companies including Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Oracle, and Cisco have completely stopped their services in Russia.  

“The Russian war in Ukraine is obviously a strong reason for this isolation,” stated Chris Apabalza, Sophomore.

The internet has only become one part of Russia’s growing isolation since February 24, when they first invaded Ukraine.  Russia has been removed from the world’s financial system, international airlines are refusing to fly into Russia, and some countries are debating whether or not they will continue to use the country’s oil and natural gas.  However, digital isolation has achieved the Russian government’s long term goal of developing a censored internet.  The ongoing war that has caused global companies to withdraw from Russia has contributed to this achievement, unintentionally.  

“Digital repression is isolating Russian citizens,” stated Emily Leach, Sophomore.

With digital isolation, Russian President Vladmir Putin has been able to control information presented concerning the government.  Due to a censorship law recently passed, journalists, website creators, and others risk being in prison for 15 years if they publish false information regarding the war. Unfortunately, digital isolation has prevented the innocent Russian civilians from using the Internet to stay connected with the world and receive information.