Doors vs Wheels Tik Tok’s Latest Trend


Erin Edmon, Staff Writer

One of the newest trends hitting the internet is the great debate of doors versus wheels. The basis of the argument asks people to consider if there are more doors or wheels in the world. This debate blew up quickly on TikTok, with heated conversations happening in three minutes increments between Team Wheels and Team Doors.

Each side of the debate has various compelling arguments. Team Doors has chosen to make skyscrapers and hotels a large part of their argument, commenting upon how these structures are filled with thousands upon thousands of doors. Team Wheels is convinced that they have no competition, pointing out the billions of toy cars that have working wheels and how every drawer contains wheels that allow it to slide.

Some arguments have even reached into the philosophical realm, sparking deeper conversations among participants in the trend.

“I think there’s more doors, people keep shutting people out,” commented Jason Coutts, Physics teacher.

Both arguments have some claims that reach a little too far, such as the idea that cell doors count as doors and door hinges count as wheels. Even Hank Green weighed in with his opinion that more wheels exist than doors.

“Tires don’t count as wheels,” commented Emma McNabb, junior, who has some very strong and probably wrong opinions about the debate.

TikTok has a reputation for quick-moving trends that seem to come out of nowhere, and this seems to just be another. This debate has even caused a few spinoff debates as well, such as if there are more blades of grass or strands of hair in the world, a debate in which the answer is obviously blades of grass.