Prom Court Has Been Announced


Photo Courtesy of @alhs_braves on instagram

Valerie Diaz-Ruiz, Editor

The prom court has been decided for the graduating class of 2022! The names of our princes and princesses are Randy Bennet, Jayden Zolino, Emily Boen, Matthew Jimenez, Jake Samuelson, Jayde Gutierrez, Fabian Aleman, Verzalea Maxie, Shay Pederson, Kai Conway, and Eric Boen. Some come from sports, others were nominated by the clubs they’re a part of but all are excited for the festivities. 

“Even if I don’t win, being nominated by my classmates is exciting and I just can’t wait to have so much fun at prom!”, says senior Emily Boen. 

To get down to the final ten in the prom court they first had to have been voted by their respective group or team to be nominated, then they were voted by the entire class of seniors and juniors. These students all excel academically and socially at Alta Loma High School and for many this is their last extravaganza they’ll enjoy as a brave. It’s a bittersweet reminder that high school is almost over for most of the prom court. 

“It’s crazy being nominated. I remember watching movies about being nominated in high school for prom and I would have never thought I would be, but so far it’s been really cool. It’s even crazier that me and my sister both got nominated!” says Eric Boen, brother of Emily. 

“Being nominated with people you know as friends is funny because I actually want them to win too!” joked Jayde about her nomination. 

Whether win or lose, being on prom court is something they can share for years to come and it’s an experience and story they can have for years to come!