Gas Prices On The Rise


Photo Courtesy of Los Angeles Times

Erin Edmon, Staff Writer

Gas prices are hitting record highs daily in the US due to the Russia-Ukraine war and the ongoing pandemic. In California, gas prices have even reached $6 and up, with other states also reaching record high prices.

In general, gas prices are becoming astronomical because of supply and demand issues. Oil-producing nations cut their production during the pandemic because there was less of demand for it. Now that the demand has risen, these oil-producing nations are struggling to keep up, so with less product, prices have been shooting up.

The US is trying to support these countries but that support has to have time to reach the global market. At the same time, restrictions on Russia are making it difficult for Russian oil to hit global markets, which is also affecting US pricing. The US is also working on producing more oil in-country, self-producing should cut costs but that is yet another solution that will need time to take effect in any significant way.

Plenty of American citizens are struggling to keep up with the new prices, and many find the situation infuriating.

“Gas is crazy, there’s no reason I should be spending $120 to fill up my damn car,” fumed Andrew Galindo, Junior.

“Gas is whatever,” stated Nam Nguyen, Junior.

The rising prices have created national tensions, especially for those who blame President Biden for how drastically prices have gone up. The rise in prices is seen most dramatically in the increase in gas pricing, but economic tensions are being felt everywhere, with pricing increases in many other things, including groceries, another essential item. The cause of more widespread increases is due to inflation more than Russian tensions.