Student Cars


courtesy of U.S. News

Jesse Jimenez Noriega, Staff Writer

Alta Loma high school students ride around daily in a variety of cars. These cars vary from new cars to old ones. Many students have grown to be passionate for cars and know all the things needed to have a well running car. Students love to show off their new cars in any way possible. They begin to get their license and explore the real world.

“When I first started driving I felt really excited and could not wait to be able to drive on my own,” stated Roger Karam, Senior.

Driving is something that many students and kids have always wanted to learn. This is because they want to go out on their own and not need to ask for a ride.

“The first time I went out and drove myself, I felt really good and was filled with joy,” said Ashlee Molina, Senior

Driving however, sometimes is taken as a right rather than a privilege. This is what causes students and people everywhere to not take all the proper care and changes needed for a safe drive. When people go out, they don’t expect anything bad to happen. The truth is, anything can happen to anyone and at any time. Driving is very dangerous and can lead to serious accidents. It is very important that all students drive with full safety to prevent any accidents.

“I’ve seen many stories and statistics about driving and I always drive making sure I am as safe as I can be,” Elijah Stewart, Senior. 

Drive safe and make sure you don’t do anything that could lead to an accident.