Community College vs. Universities


courtesy of Getty Images

Jesse Jimenez Noriega, Staff Writer

Community college is often the better option for students who are looking to go to school after graduating. College is a hard decision for many students because that is a big decision to make. There are hundreds of options to choose from in America alone, and many more in other countries.

Universities are the bigger and better schools that people who know what field of work they want to make into a career go to. Luckily, Alta Loma High School has an agreement with many community colleges and UC’s and it gives them the opportunity to go for free for the first 2 years.

“I am going to be attending Chaffey community college and doing my first two years free,” stated Elijah Stewart, Senior.

Community college is seen as more of a way to get some education on the field of work you want and universities are more for chasing a career, even though that can be achieved by going to either. Many students had to have conversations with not only family and friends but also with teachers and counselors in order to see the best option for the career path they were looking for. Student loans is also something to look into because nobody wants to take out a loan and then drop off to college and still have to pay off the loan bills.

“I want to attend a university but I don’t know if I would stay all 4 years so I am going to a community college instead and getting my 2 free years and going from there,” said Ashlee Molina, Senior.

Community college and universities or both great options and making the correct decision will come to you.