Harry Styles New Album, Harry’s House


Courtesy of TheCharlesstreetTimes.com

Charlotte Winters, Staff Writer

Harry Styles, a singer from a boy band turned solo artist is releasing his new album on the 20th of April. Fans have been long awaiting this album after the last one was released December 13th of 2019.

“There’s not many (clues) that get left behind,” he laughed. “I’d say most of the time, they usually pick up on pretty much everything along with a couple of, uh, kind of hilarious coincidences that were never meant to be, never meant to be kind of clues in the first place that happen.” Harry Styles said in an interview with billboard regarding the question of how fans found out about his album before he announced it and how they found his relation to the mysterious you are home social media accounts and website.

Styles released his first single of the album on April first at midnight in London, and 4:00 in California. The song is called “As it was” and made top charts in a matter of days.

“As it was” broke Spotify records the day it was released as the most played song in one day. Along with being played and breaking charts on other apps you can listen to music too.

Some of Styles fans were “surprised” by the type/aesthetic of the album due to the style of his performance at the grammys in late 2019. They were expecting a more pop rock album for the artist.

“I feel like it’s the first time I’m making music and putting music out from a real place of personal freedom,” he told hosts Stanley T, Ryan Sampson, and Nicole Ryan, in a new interview for billboard.

Styles started recording this album before he went on his world tour and unbeknownst to fans was dropping hints of his album as the tour went on. Along with making a website the fans found where every day a door would open and reveal a picture of relevance to the album or the artist behind it.

Styles played at Coachella starting with his new song As It Was along with a guest performance with Shania Twain.  He also sang two unreleased songs one by the name of Boyfriend and the other with the name of Late Night Talking.

Styles will finish up his world tour and release his long awaited album on the 20th of may, which will include the three songs from his new album that he played at coachella.