Sacramento Mass Shooting

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Javier Arredondo, Editor

On the early hours of Sunday morning, April 2nd, 2022, at around 2 a.m., a mass shooting occurred in downtown Sacramento. Six people were killed and another 12 were injured.

  Four of the twelve injured people have sustained life-threatening injuries. Another four victims were taken to UC Davis Medical center, and two of them have been discharged already. Four patients were taken to Sutter Hospital, and all four of them have been discharged already as well. 

  This shooting appeared to be an incident of gang violence. Local authorities suspected that at least five people fired guns at the scene, however, only three have been arrested. None of the arrested men, who shall remain nameless, were accused of murder. All three of the arrested men were booked on suspicion of owning guns despite being prohibited from doing so. 

   “We are still working on this portion of the investigation,” said a spokesperson from the Sacramento Police Department to the San Francisco Chronicle. 

  California governor Gavin Newsom issued a statement on the official California website, stating, “As it is early in this investigation, my Administration will continue to work closely with local and state law enforcement as we monitor the situation.”

  Mass shootings are unfortunately nothing new in the United States. The US consistently remains at the top of statistics measuring deaths per 100k citizens compared to other countries, due to gun violence. With a mass shooting occuring, it will inevitably lead to discussions on if we need gun control in the US. Many past presidents who attempted to pass laws to restrict gun ownership have been rejected by fellow lawmakers.

  This is an extremely tragic incident, and our thoughts and prayers are with the victim’s loved ones.