Disney Plus Newest Show, Moon Knight

Courtesy of artofvfx.com

Courtesy of artofvfx.com

Chloe Liles, Staff Writer

The first episode of a Marvel series called Moon Knight was released on March 30th, featuring Oscar Isaac as the Moon Knight. The episodes are about 45 minutes long and come out weekly.

The Moon Knight features a man named Steven Grant who works at a museum and knows a vast amount of Egyptology. He is a quirky and somewhat awkward character and has a habit of waking up at random locations he has no memory of. He is also plagued by blackouts and memories of another life. The first few episodes show how he goes on a twisted and disturbing journey to find out who he is and what has been happening around him.

“Exceeded my expectations. Has a cool, spooky unique vibe different from other Marvel stuff,” stated Rocco Klein, an online reviewer.

The show was originally a comic book series written by Doug Moench in 1980. It was supposed to be a riff from the Batman comic Werewolf by Night, according to polygon.com. The comics and the show portray mental health in a different light because the original Moon Knight had schizophrenia and it evolved within the comic world to dissociative identity disorder. Within the comics, it’s often portrayed that the different personalities did not agree with each other and often battled for control over the body.

““I thought it was a very different direction than usual Disney movies,” said Elizabeth Hansen, a senior.

Even though only a few episodes have been released, it already has very high ratings and a great amount of potential. The series features funny characters and a villain with a twisted sense of justice. It is refreshing to get a whole new plot and set of characters in the Marvel world that, so far, are not linked to the other heroes and villains in the Marvel universe. This series has a whole new set of concepts to expand on that can make the show amazing. Overall, the series has started off on a great foot and has the potential to be an amazing show.