Block Out Block Scheduling


Luke Winters, Staff Writer

On April 4th-8th and April 18th-22nd, had Alta Loma High School student testing for the 2022 school year. They were taking the CAASPP test and due to these two nonconsecutive weeks of testing, Alta Loma’s students were having a change of schedule. The usual seven-period school day had been changed to more of a block schedule, in which students have three classes a day, each one a little less than two hours each. The block schedule has been a point of contention for some students, who feel that the block schedule has been a bad thing in multiple aspects.

“I hate it. It makes the day feel so much longer,” said Leo Rivera, a freshman at Alta Loma.

Many people feel this way, thinking that being stuck in the same class for a longer amount of time makes the class periods feel longer and more drawn out. Additionally, this schedule has the lunches starting much later than usual, with second lunch beginning almost an hour later than it would during the normal schedule (12:53 instead of 11:56).

“I don’t like having second lunch so much later, I get really hungry,” said Jeremy Neal freshman at Alta Loma.

To make matters worse, during the first week of testing there were a lot of issues with the internet. Working and testing was disrupted by the internet connection going out due to the many students online. All in all, students have not enjoyed the CAASPP testing weeks.