Batman Vs. Spiderman


Courtesy of Quora

Anthony Tirado, Staff Writer

Spiderman is a fictional comic book superhero that appears in Marvel and Sony. Batman is a fictional comic hero that was created by DC. Both have been the face of each Industries for a while now. There are tons of questions asking who would win in a battle. Most voters say Batman would win.

“That’s a good one, I don’t know both have attributes that are good and weaknesses… I don’t know I kind of like Batman better but not for that, that’s like saying who would win between Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson you know you can’t say. They are both good in different categories,” stated Campus officer “Ducky.”

Spiderman’s powers consist of climbing on walls, super strength, Spidey senses, super agility, and he made a gadget so he can swing around. His identity is a nerd photographer who’s name is Peter Parker. His enemies are known to use more strength rather than mind. This give proof that Spiderman will depend more on his powers in a fight in comparison to his mind.

Batman’s abilities consists of multiple fighting styles, a utility built that’s holds a lot of useful gadgets, high IQ, can glide with his cape, and has a bat like sonar vision. His identity is a billionaire playboy who’s name is Bruce Wayne. Batman’s villans are more dependent on mind tricks rather than their strength. Although he does have two who depend only on their ability of super strength. This is why Batman is very good at using his mind and can use tactics too take down over powered people. Batman can most likely win.