Link Crew Executives


courtesy of Link Crew Instagram

Alexa Palafox, Staff Writer

Applications and interviews have opened across the school for various clubs, programs, and activities, including Link Crew. Many students applied and were interviewed in hopes of becoming or staying a Link Crew Leader. A handful of students however, really stood out and were selected to be a part of the executive board for the program.

Link Crew is a program designed to help freshman adjust to high school. During third period, or “Brave Academy”, classes of freshman are paired with upper classmen and given lessons and tips to help them stay on track academically. Its purpose is to help the freshman adjust and transition smoothly from middle school into high school.

To become a Link Crew leader, a person must apply through an online application, and then go through an interview process. There are a limited number of spots, and they are speculating to decrease as time goes by.

“We are looking for candidates that are resilient, patient, have high punctuality, and gain a sense of fulfillment through helping others,” says Link Crew advisor, Mr. Veal.

As for the executive leaders, in addition to the process regular Link Crew candidates, they filled out an extra few questions to be considered for the executive board. As of now, there are 30 leaders on the executive board.

“These people are the kind of people looking for more ways to help others and go out of their way to find that fulfillment in their work” says Veal.

The role of the executive leaders is similar to the regular leaders with a few extra tasks. Executive leaders make most of the decision regarding the program, such as which lessons to do, what kind of activities to run, and basically relay information to the rest of the program straight from the advisors. They’re also expected to meet before zero period, at around seven in the morning.

“I wanted to be a part of the executive team to widen the impact I can make… I felt restricted in my classroom as a normal Link Crew Leader,” says Eric Nguyen, a Link Crew executive leader.