Art Show Galore


Photo Courtesy of alhs_braves instagram

Chloe M. Liles, Staff Writer

On April 13th, from 6:00 to 8:00, there was an art show at Alta Loma High School that presented all the projects that extracurricular students have done throughout the school year. The art show included all the art classes, photography, and ceramics.

All the work presented in the show took several class periods and many hours for the students to create. They utilized various techniques, mediums, and supplies in order to create something from nothing. For example, there is an art piece that was just a contour outline of a chosen picture with a small square of color.

“Because we haven’t had an art show in three years, we were excited to have such a great turnout…I’m so proud of the work [the students] did,” said Angelica Canales, an art teacher.

            The art classes have spent the last few school days preparing the cafeteria for the art show, carefully organizing all the work, and lining the walls with black paper. The artwork and photographs were aligned along the while ceramics were organized on tables. Many of the art students have felt pride hanging up their own artwork on the wall and were excited to present them to their parents and peers.

“I was really excited because a lot of people were able to see different artwork from a variety of [students],” stated Alisha Cho, a junior.

           Upon walking to the cafeteria, a large array of clay birds made by the ceramics students were presented. The art show had a vast crowd of people, each one appreciating the hard work of their children and peers. There was a small taco truck serving different entrees while the teachers were selling small bags of cookies. There was even a student jazz band that played music while everyone perused. Overall, the art show was the reward all the students got for dedicating hours of work and time to the assigned projects.