Ancient Hebrew Tablet Found

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The Ancient Hebrew Tablet was found by an archaeologist team by the name of Katy. The Tablet was found on a Thursday of March 2022. The archaeologists were later able to translate the tablet to have some correlation to the bible. But tablet and it’s writing was classified as cursed due to the curse predating the Dead Sea Scrolls.

“It reads, ‘Cursed, cursed, cursed – cursed by the God Yahweh. You will die cursed. Cursed you will surely die. Cursed by Yahweh – cursed, cursed, cursed.’” The Houston Chronicle stated that is what the tablet translated to.

Joshua 8 and Deuteronomy 27, Mt. Ebal was a mountain of “the curse.” Along with 8:30 in Joshua it states that Joshua built an altar on Mt. Ebal.

The age of the bible has been a debated fact among archaeologists and religious people, but due to there new findings of how old this table is and its correlation to the bible they believe it places the bible around 150 B.C. though some archaeologists still debate the time the bible was written. The tablet found is small and is measured around two-centimeters-by-two-centimeters. The tablet was folded in half making it extremely difficult to read without breaking it so they teamed up with scientists from the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and two epigraphers.

“The tablet discovered by Stripling’s team was written about 1500 B.C., which would be proof that the Hebrews were writing in the same stylistic and linguistic manners in which the Bible was written.” Husten Chronicles stated in an article on the subject.

The author of the table was said to be a smart and well educated man at the time.  Dr. Gershon Galil called the man a “genius” and a “leader”.

The findings of this tablet made an impact on both historians and Archaeologists. As well as helping bring new evidence to live about when the bible was written.