ASB Executive President

Taken from ALHS Website

Taken from ALHS Website

Alexa Palafox, Staff Writer

ASB elections have finished, with executive and class positions filled and voted for. The positions have been filled with the results showing that Charlee Pacheco will be the new ASB President. She is also on the varsity cheer team and is the president of the FIDM club.

Charlee has been in ASB since her freshman year and will be going into 4 years involved. She’s held other positions in ASB including Sophomore Vice President and Junior Class President. Considering her experience in ASB and cheer, she knows all there is to know about school pride and spirit. 

“I decided to run for an executive position because I felt like I was ready to take the role of leading my peers,” says Pacheco. “ASB is really important to me, so being a role model and making sure jobs and traditions are upheld is a priority.”

Some things that she would like to see changed and worked on in our school community includes boosting school spirit and increasing attendance for sporting events and dances. She believes that since returning from the COVID quarantine, our student’s individual and school spirit has decreased. A priority of hers is to somehow increase and promote school spirit. 

“Boosting school spirit up is the first step to finding success,” she said. 

As the 2021-2022 school year wraps up, there’s a lot of optimism for next year. There’s a lot in store and hopefully many things to look forward to next school year as we regain a sense of normalcy that was taken from many of us.