The British Are Coming (To Steal Our Jobs)

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Ryan Van Veldhuizen, Editor

     The British are taking over this great country of America that millions already call home. They are stealing our jobs that are meant for us, which we fought against them for.

     What seems like thousands of “people” coming over here, are going to Hollywood to steal jobs in the acting sector. They are then pretending to be American in movies to deceive the public. No one is aware until these immigrants go into interviews and everyone is taken aback by the absurdness of their identity.

     They have been taking over every genre of the movie industry since anybody can remember. There’s Tom Holland in the Superhero genre, Millie Bobby Brown in the Sci-fi genre, Kate Winslet in the Drama genre, and Florence Pugh in the Horror genre. Slowly integrating into our society, they have been growing on us just as their plan intends. All of these actors declined to speak about their acting inspiration and intentions.

     This is clearly a revenge tactic by the British government because of their ongoing resentment towards their loss in the American Revolution. It’s a silent overtake, but the entertainment industry is very effective due to the wide reach they can have on their agenda.

     *Said in an English accent* “Oh that is a preposterous statement, the people of Britain are kind and would never want to destroy the American people, now let me get back to my tea,” definitely said The Queen of England.

     The American people need to fight back by demanding our jobs back. The British aren’t good actors, just great manipulators to make us think they are perfect with their enticing accents. If we don’t stop them now, they will take over every industry and the United States of America wouldn’t be here anymore.