Possum In A Tree!

courtesy of  NC Wildlife Resources

courtesy of NC Wildlife Resources

Anthony Tirado, Staff Writer

On the 25th of April there was an animal in Alta Loma main tree. That animal was a young possum. It climbed up the tree then immediately started getting attention from many students. The possum had every student flabbergasted, it was attracting so much attention that animal control had to be called. The possum would go even higher in the tree and camouflage and students were astonished at the fact that the possum would appear gone at moments.

“It was pretty good, a lot of people were going crazy. It was pretty interesting. I was a little afraid and everyone was like ahhhhh, it was kind of scary. Yeah I thought there was going to be a fight at that moment. That’s why I was going to climb up the tree and get his tail and swing it around,” said Alex Peniagua.

Some kids tried climbing on the tree to get the possum but would instantly be stopped by a teacher.

An anonymous students stated “I think the possum in the tree situation was stupid. Maybe it was out of control and I do not think the possum was cute.”

Many students were going crazy and saying stuff about the possum. The possum was even sometimes threatened. Many students were also recording and taking pictures of the possum. Lots of questions asked were how did the possum even get there. How do you think the possum got their?