British People and Spicy Foods

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Antonnette Jackson, Staff Writer

     Why can’t British people handle their spices? That is the number one question today. You would think after colonizing so much and having access to all spices that the Brits would have a larger spice pallet, but recently a new Popeye’s opened in the UK. They had quite a lot to say about it. The comments were usually about how the chicken was too spicy.

     There aren’t any clear signs that this is satirical or they are being serious. Satirical or not, it is funny either way. Some find comfort in it being satirical with hopes that the UK isn’t as bad as it seems. One could only wish it wasn’t that bad. There is genuinely nothing good that has been going on over there.

     This sheds light on how bad England is with spice. They had the whole world in their grasp just to not be able to handle a simple little chicken sandwich. This whole conversation on the spicy chicken sandwich started on the king of all social media Twitter. Realistically this whole ordeal may be satirical. Most of the tweets are just tweets making fun of the British.

     Some of the tweets are hilarious though. Some even screenshotted the tweets they saw. One of the tweets stated  “I eat spicy foods like drunken noodles and lemon rice all the time, but Popeye’s spicy sandwich is completely over the top¨. This tweet has to be satirical. There is no way a human being alive possesses this opinion. This type of behavior is to be expected from people who eat beans for breakfast. After this “spicy” chicken sandwich propaganda there really isn’t anything normal about British “people”.