TikTok Homemade Recipes


Courtesy of tasteofhome.com

Shelby Summerhays, Style and Trends Editor

In the past year of its rise to fame, Tiktok has become a platform for chefs and food lovers to teach or find new recipes.  Ranging from hot chocolate to whipped coffee to feta pasta there has been a wide variety of viral TikTok recipes.  These recipes are notorious for being simple, aesthetically pleasing and delicious.  

The famous baked feta pasta recipe is simply a roasted block of feta with cherry tomatoes.  Food Tok became an even more popular trend with the introduction of the tortilla hack.  An easy and fast trick allows foodies to create a wrap that gives them a perfect bite.  

A well-known breakfast treat is the blended baked oats. It is a blend of oats to make a powder that is similar to flour, and tastes more like a dessert than a normal breakfast meal.  The hot chocolate bombs broke the internet when it shown to the world.  To make a hot chocolate bombs filled a chocolate mold with homemade hot cocoa mix and marshmellows after dipping them into hot milk.  

“I love watching dessert Tik Toks to learn how to make desserts at home,” stated Broderick Harrison, Sophomore.

The recipe that broke the internet during the lockdown was whipped coffee.  It only takes a few simple ingredients, dalgona coffee, whipped cream, whipped nutella, and milk to make a whipped coffee hence why it became so popular.  Another beloved treat learned from TikTok is Kit Kat Cheesecake.  The baking recipe consists of a New York cheesecake surrounded by a Kit Kat crust and topped with crumbled Kit Kats.  The cream cheese of the cake and chocolate of the Kit Kat are the perfect combination for a dessert.   

“I like to watch food Tik Toks to learn about new food combinations,” stated Emily Leach, Sophomore. 

An innovative breakfast meal born from Food Tok is pancake cereal.  Instead of pouring milk into cereal, this meal requires pouring maple syrup over cereal.  Another sweet treat is three ingredient ice cream.  To make ice cream from the comfort of one’s own home is to mix together sweetened condensed milk, cream and a flavor like vanilla or chocolate caramel.  

A healthier Food Tok meal is a salmon and rice bowl.  This meal requires shredded salmon and rice, topped with soy sauce, sriracha, mayo, avocado slices, kimchi and seaweed.  A delicious snack from Tik Tok is Kool-aid pickles.  Kool-aid powder poured onto dill pickles makes for a sweet and sour snack.  

A dessert and dinner hybrid is oreo sushi.  This meal mimics the process of making sushi by taking rolled ice cream and dipping it into hot chocolate sauce of milk like sushi is dipped into soy sauce.