Swim Prelims


Kristin Rodriguez

Charlotte Winters, Staff Writer

The ALHS Swim Team is coming to the end of the session and so Swim prelims happened. The qualification happened on Apr 26th and those who made it to the finals swim on the 28th.

Prelims are where they see who is the best in their league and see where the swimmers themselves are ranked. The Swim Prelims where League means that if they got a CIF qualification time they will be able to go to CIF. Mt San Antonio College hosted the league prelims both days which is unusual for a college pool to hold league finals. The meet started at 2:30 and ended around 6-7 PM which was also the time range for finals.

“I tried to swim fast along with everyone else on the team. Results did vary but all in all, I think we did well.” Sumaya Elgharbaoui, JV swimmer, stated in regards to how she and did team did.

Varsity and JV had a lot of people come into ten in their races and some in the top 20 for league. For 50-yard freestyle for varsity boys and girls Alex Lopez came in third and Emma Taylor came in fifth JV boys and girls placed high as well.

“It was really fun and exciting to see everyone try really hard and just come together as a team.” Samatha Passwater JV swimmer said when asked about the prelims.

Some of the relays that made it to CIF are boys seated 31st 4×100 Medley relay, Girls and Boys 4×50 Free seated 30th and 28th. Some of the personal events are 200 Freestyle, for Jessica Brady, 50 Freestyle for Aidan Gillooly and Alex Lopez seated in 25th, and lastly 100 breaststrokes for Luke Marsden seated in 19th.

Overall the ALHS swim team did a good job and four varsity girls get to go to CIF. Along with seven boys with a few alternates on both the boy’s and girl’s sides. Both varsity and JV swimmers performed well over the week and those who made it to CIF performed well with one relay and one personal event. CIF finals will be on the 7th of May. Go Braves GO.