Netflix’s Latest Hit Show, Heartstopper

Courtesy of za.flix.boss,com

Courtesy of za.flix.boss,com

Chloe Liles, Staff Writer

On Friday, April 15, the much-anticipated TV series, Heartstopper, was released on Netflix. The show already has 52.1 million views and 14 million hours have been dedicated to watching the series.

The show is a sweet show inspired by a graphic novel by Alice Oseman about young love and friendship. The main characters are Nick, who is a rugby player, and Charlie, who is a drummer in the school band. They established an unlikely friendship and eventually grew to have feelings for each other, but they also had to overcome the homophobia from their fellow classmates and friends. Luckily, they had many other friends by their side to support and help them.

“I loved it, 10 out of 10, it made me cry. I think the characters were really well written and it had great representation,” said Carly Johnson, a junior.

The series introduced to the audience the fact that sexuality is a spectrum, and that there is not just gay or straight. The audience witnessed Nick’s discovery that he is attracted to both guys and girls, and that he is, in fact, bisexual. Throughout the series, Nick struggled to figure out his sexual orientation, and spent a lot of time researching to see what fit him.

“I like how much Tara and Darcy content they showed [and] that they showed Elle’s journey through school,” said Willow Gomez, a freshman.

The show also had several side characters who were crucial to the whole story. The series featured a couple named Tara and Darcy and showed the struggles they went through when coming out. The show also delved into a character named Elle and her experience as a trans woman in high school. Lastly, there were the dedicated friends, Tao and Isaac who always supported Charlie even though they had their own struggles.

While the series did discuss some darker topics like bullying, it is still quite comforting and wholesome. The show has gotten mostly positive reviews and has created a large and supportive fanbase. The show overall is beautiful, optimistic, and left the audience craving for more.