Track and Field Prelims


Photo courtesy of Luke Winters

Luke Winters, Staff Writer

On Saturday, April 23 Palomares League Track and Field Prelims took place at Ayala High School. The meet ran for most of the day, starting at 9 a.m. and finishing in the afternoon. The purpose of prelims was to determine which athletes would qualify for league finals, the last official track meet of the 2022 season.

“Track was great experience. Being able to slowly improve my times was fun and I’m excited to do it again next year,” said Diego King, freshman varsity runner.

On average, the top ten or so athletes per event would make it past prelims and go on to finals, although it did vary based on the event. For example, some events did not have enough athletes to have a prelim, such as the Junior Varsity 400-meter races and most of the Varsity field events, such as throws, pole vault, and long jump. The girls’ JV and Varsity races, however, were supposed to have a race the day of prelims, but a complication arose. Not enough girls checked in for their 800 events, and so the events were canceled and all girls 800-meter runners were moved on to the final automatically.

This meet was very good for Alta Loma, because even though there were not many athletes who placed in the top three for their events, many of the athletes who ran, threw, and jumped got personal bests. However, a few of the athletes did place in the top three, such as Noah Aguilar, Robert Medina, and Andrew Morfin.

“It was a big change running at prelims, I was put with much faster girls and it was a challenge. But this pushed me to PR in the 200 and that was a big accomplishment for me,” said Annya Rodriguez, freshman on the track team.