Rapper ASAP Rocky Arrested


Courtesy of Erik Pendzich/Shutthershock.com

Nizar Masri, Staff Writer

33-year-old Rapper A$AP Rocky artist behind the hits Peso, Praise the Lord, and Everyday was arrested at LAX airport on Wednesday April 20th in connection to a November assault case. He was arrested shortly after returning from a Barbados vacation with his girlfriend Rihanna. He allegedly got into an altercation with an acquaintance before the argument escalated and Rocky, government name Rakim Mayers, fired a handgun at him. The victim was treated for minor wounds, but Mayers fled alongside another acquaintance that has not been named. Many fans have drawn parallels to his 2019 Sweden incident where he was also arrested at an airport accused of assault. The case quickly turned into an international incident after then President Donald Trump attempted to meddle in the proceedings. Mayers served a month of jail time before being sentenced guilty but was shortly released.

This is A$AP’s 3rd encounter with the law, his first came in the form of an attempted murder charge when he was only 16. The charges were reduced after he served jail time, like his Swedish arrest. Hours after he was arrested this year his $550,000 bail was paid, and he was released. Rocky attended his first show in SoCal since his arrest and was met with an ecstatic crowd and his very supportive and also very pregnant girlfriend. Him and his legal team await his court date on August 17th, but his team have their own concerns about Mayers’ wellbeing. “The question is whether he’ll have the energy and stamina to do this one more time given all the circus around it,” Rocky’s defense attorney, Slobodan Jovicic, told The New York Times of an attempted appeal that fell through.