ASB Candidates


courtesy of alhs_braves instagram page

Joel Woodcook, Staff Writer

After many rigorous campaigns, the results of this year’s ASB elections are in. The 2022-2023 executive officers are Charlee Pacheco as president and Sofia Muster as Vice President, as well as Delainey Molano as Secretary, Ricardo Camacho as treasurer, and Carly Johnson as liaison, among the other class officers.

The role of the executive and class officers, as well as the entire ASB body, is to provide fun activities in the school that bring together the students at Alta Loma High School.

“We’re always trying to unite the campus, making sure that everyone is a part of something,” Maxx Alfonso, the Sophomore Class Vice President for the 2022-2023 school year.

The part the members of ASB play in and around the school campus is important to them, and a lot of thought goes into activities that they plan. Some things that ASB helps coordinate or advertise are dances, rallies, and afterschool activities like sports. Their goal is to create as many such activities as possible for the students attending Alta Loma High School.

“I want to continue what I did my freshman year, which was to have fun activities around campus like pieing teachers in the face as well as helping with prom rallies. Though this year was lacking a little bit, I’m excited for next year and what it will bring,” stated Alfonso.

A lot of thought and energy also goes into ASB election. Those running made posters and ads to help boost their campaign and devoted a lot of time to make sure they got a position where their skills are most utilized.