Pie-Rates of the Caribbean



Luke Winters, Staff Writer

For a long time now, people have been buying pies in the coastal cities around the Caribbean ocean area. Some people would say that some of the best pies in the world come from those surrounding areas. The worldwide issue, however, has always been now knowing how much pies sell for in different areas. It’s the worst feeling when you show up to one of the world-famous pie shops, only to find that you are short on money. This guide will hope to inform you of said prices of various sweet baked goods located around the Caribbean area.

Different parts of the Caribbean are known for different kinds of pies. For example, In Cuba, pies are sold filled with roasted pork and home-grown beans. This kind of pie is very popular. In Havana, cherry pies are sold almost everywhere and can be purchased for only $2.25. Depending on where you go, the quality, price, and variety of pie will differ.

Some of the most expensive pies can be found in Barbados, selling on average for about three and a half dollars per slice. But be aware that they are not the best pies that can be found. Neither are they the worst however, but a true pie tourist could find a better deal. The best pies that can be found in this area are generally considered the pies found in Jamaica, selling for only around two dollars per slice. Exquisite flavor mixed with reasonable prices make for a very well-rounded pie.

These are the pie rates of the Caribbean.