Teacher Beaten by Special Needs Kindergarten Student


photo courtesy of fox13news.com

Chloe Liles, Staff Writer

In early March, it was reported that a special needs teacher at Pines Lake Elementary School in Florida was beaten up by one of her students. According to the authorities, she was unable to talk, intubated at the hospital, and required surgery.

According to local12.com the teacher, Trisha Meadows, was forced to take the child into a separate room after he and another student disrupted the class by throwing objects and flipping chairs. In that room, he tackled her using his body weight and proceeded to beat her. It was reported that Meadows was vocally unresponsive and obtained extensive injuries that would require surgery.

Apparently, this is not the first time this had happened to the teacher; the same student actually injured her multiple times previously and had to be taken in an ambulance. According to nbcmiami.com the student pinned her under a bookcase at one point in time and knocked her unconscious. The impact of her head hitting the ground gave her a concussion that had to be treated at the hospital.

After the incident, principal Susan Susse sent a message to staff and parents, stating “…the health, safety and wellbeing of our students and staff continues to be my highest priority.”

Local12.com said the teacher never filed charges against the child even though police listed the student with aggravated assault, as well as aggravated battery with the intent to cause bodily harm. Members of the Broward Teachers Union state that better funding would help schools afford professional development resources so that these types of incidents could be prevented. Reports, as stated by nbcmiami.com, said that officers contacted child protective services and are now investigating the child’s home life.

“Our school district knew about the level of violence this student possessed but the sense of urgency was not there…Something has to be done so that he cannot cause this kind of damage to other students or to her again,” stated Anna Fusco, the president of the Broward Teachers Union.