It’s Time for a Zoom Review!

Ahmari Rudolph, Editor

A Zoom meeting is in session for this person and their colleagues.

Time for a Zoom review! In this review, Zoom will start off with five stars. If students have a problem with a certain feature or the etiquette of Zoom, it will lose a star. 

The school has required teachers to use Zoom to meet with students. Students are required to log in everyday, with expectations to have cameras on and ready to participate. Basically, teachers don’t want the students to be shy. 

Zoom is an app that allows users to meet virtually with anyone you want. At this point in the year, teachers would expect students to be knowledgeable in this type of technology. But of course, not all students are skilled with this, and of course there’s going to be problems. 

“I don’t really care for Zoom but it’s okay,” said senior Madilyn Summerhays, “It’s difficult for the internet connection but it’s good that we still have a way to have class.”

In Zoom meetings, teachers expect students to have their cameras on. However students detest this. They rather have their cameras off due to multiple reasons. These reasons could be that the student gets anxiety from 30 other students possibly staring at them, they don’t have the best camera face, they aren’t in a suitable environment, or something completely different.

“I don’t understand why there’s a requirement to have your camera on,” said senior Amber Torres, “It’s dumb and I get anxiety. Also why does every teacher automatically assume we’re comfortable and okay with talking on there. It’s just as scary as in person. Same with the camera for speaker view. When you speak and are put on the spot everyone’s just looking at your camera waiting to hear your voice. Not to mention no matter what I do my microphone just does not seem to work. Not my fault and it’s also not my fault if my dogs bark or I have someone barge into my room. Can’t blame us for something that’s out of our control. And the rules for zoom are so strict. I have severe migraines. I cannot look at a computer screen for long and sitting in an uncomfortable chair hearing cars honking and passing by with my face always in view. It’s difficult. It’s not easy. “

For this reason, Zoom has lost a star.

Zoom has a feature called Breakout Rooms. Teachers can split the students into groups and send them to their own private room. These are usually for group assignments and/or discussions. Sounds like fun? Not at all! Students absolutely hate breakout rooms! Some find it unproductive. Some don’t talk to each other. Some decide to leave the meeting simply because they despise breakout rooms. Some fill up with anxiety on the spot. It’s so awkward that you can cut the awkward tension with a knife!

“I honestly don’t like it. The teachers put us in breakout rooms to work with other people but once we are out in breakout rooms, everyone just turns off their camera and mutes themselves the whole time. Also it’s super awkward to have your face so big on the screen when other people can see you”, said junior Ivonne Park. 

For this reason, Zoom has lost two stars. Simply because breakout rooms are the worst.

Many students believe that teachers are being tougher on them. Especially since a dress code has been enforced and they find themselves having more work.

“Teachers need to be more understanding,”  says Amber Torres, senior.  “I’m already tired of having to sit there watching my teacher glitch getting anxiety over whether or not someone’s looking at me in zoom. Because it’s so simple to just stare at someone on there. And breakout rooms are horrible. Absolutely horrible and nerve racking. I don’t know people in my classes. It’s not as easy to talk as you would think and make friends over a screen. It’s awkward and sometimes no one even talks. With the cameras that are supposed to be on teachers need to understand it’s nerve racking as well. They need to be more understanding and flexible. We’re all new to this. So stop being so strict. Why not just record the lessons and when it comes to activities or quizzes and tests we join a zoom meeting with the camera on. It’s pretty simple.” 

For this reason, Zoom, once again, lost a star.

At the end of this review, Zoom has lost four stars. Zoom officially has a rating of one out of five stars. Better luck next time!