Wear Your Mask!


A local grocery store where people are wearing their mask as they shop

Nicholas Khoury, Staff Writer

The corona virus, identified as SARS-CoV-2 in December of 2019 has affected those infected and those not since March, when the first lock-down orders were announced. Life hasn’t been the same since then, as masks have been mandated in the majority of the country, and we are advised to stay 6 feet away from each other in public to prevent the spread of this virus. Large gatherings have also been banned, meaning sports teams must now play with no fans in attendance.

Amid this pandemic, what seemed to be a normal necessity, has turned into a political issue. That issue is whether masks are necessary or not. There are some who think everyone should wear them. Some think only the old and at-risk should wear them, and some think no one should have to wear them.

“Everyone should wear a mask,” says Evan McManaman, freshman. “Although I feel that masks are not the most comfortable option and can be very annoying, I feel that they are very much important for slowing the spread of the corona virus. So no they are not suitable whatsoever, but we have to take these measures so we can go back to normal again,” mentioned Anthony Castillo, freshman. 

This issue has been debated since the beginning of the pandemic. Some states, like California and New York mandated masks, but others like Utah and Arizona haven’t. Wearing a mask should simply not be an issue. To keep everyone safe, masks are a must.

Whether you agree or disagree with wearing them, the more people do, the quicker we can get back to normalcy. Nobody wants to go like this any longer. As humans, we require in-person interaction to thrive.

We want to see our friends at school, and cheer for our favorite team with the crowd. A lot of us have been deprived of privileges as simple as haircuts. The quickest way to get back to our regular lives, is to just hold out and wear masks for a couple more months, until we can get that vaccine.