Another Twilight Book?

What will Edward Cullen’s eyes display to the series?


The new book of the Twilight Series: Midnight Sun created in Edward Cullen’s perspective.

Makenzie Guillen, Editor


New York Times best selling author Stephenie Meyer released her famous book Twilight on October 5, 2005. Since then, she has released the rest of the books in the series, which are: New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. These four books have gained an enormous fanbase, and all of them have even been made into movies.
Since Breaking Dawn was released all the way back on August 2, 2008, the fans assumed that it was the final book of the series. That was, until a draft of Midnight Sun was leaked to the public later that year.
Fans went absolutely nuts over the new addition to the series, but were disappointed when it wasn’t released. Well, on August 4, 2020, author Stephenie Meyer decided to release Midnight Sun to the public. Almost instantly the internet blew up with fan’s speculation on what the book would entail.
“I think this book is a rewritten version of the first Twilight book but in Edward’s point of view. I definitely think it’ll live up to everyone’s expectations just because it’s Twilight of course. I don’t think it will be on the same level as the rest of the series however because the rest of the series is a classic. I feel like nothing can really live up to the original series but I think this will be a close second,” says Nour Daylac, senior.
Stores such as Barnes & Noble, Target, and Walmart sold out of the books, and they became hard to find. Fortunately, there has been a major restock, so fans are able to get their hands on the book.
“I wish that she’d do the whole series in Edward’s point of view. It was incredible, we got to see why he acted the way he did, the depths of his emotions, and way more of the Cullen family. I was especially excited to see more of Emmett,” says Audrey Hanson, junior.
Since Edward Cullen was such a mysterious and reserved character, this book in his perspective will surely give the fans the insight that they are looking for when it comes to understanding who he is as a person. Not to mention, there is a lot more information on the Cullen family, which is what readers were dying for due to the miniscule amount of knowledge that Meyer gave them in Twilight.
Overall, the book seems well received, especially with its 3.9/5 rating on Google. Also, according to The Hollywood Reporter, over 1 million copies of Midnight Sun were sold within its first week of release. Overall, it seems safe to say that Stephenie Meyer has created another best seller and most of all a fan favorite.