Ditching Pants for PJs

Paige Johnson, Editor

Jenna Perkovich shows off her before and during quarantine fashion choices.

March 13, 2020. Also known as the last day most of us wore a normal outfit. After going into lockdown due to Covid everyone went into quarantine and there has been very little need for clothes that aren’t pajamas or lounge wear. But as days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months people began to get more creative with their fashion choices. Of course it stayed mainly stuff they slept in because it’s just easier that way but as school started back up and we were all still stuck at home things needed to change. Due to the need for cameras to be on during zoom students can’t really get away with wearing the same things for days on end, which was a popular thing that was done as many lacked the motivation to get dressed.

Of course there is the part where you decide to get dressed up normally due to the fact that it is missed. It is very hard to imagine missing jeans and picking outfits but it happened, so sometimes it’s nice to wear something that you would normally wear out. Pull out the pairs of jeans that have been left, folded in the drawer for months and take the shirt off the hanger that hasn’t seen the outside of the closet in a long time.

Quarantine fashion, of course varies from person to person and it changes all the time, much like the social norms and life nowadays. When asked about what she normally wears to online school, Senior, Jenna Perkovich explains, “My quarantine fashion choices vary so much. I can go from old, baggy t-shirts and velvet shorts to dresses to leggings and tank tops. It honestly just depends on how much sleep I got the night before and if I want to be extra.” But that isn’t how everyone is feeling, Freshman Holly Johnson took a school approach as she says, “I usually just wear what I went to bed in, there really is no point in getting dressed for zoom, especially when they can only see what you’re wearing on top. It’s also nice because I can get a little bit more sleep in before I get on the computer, I don’t have to worry about picking out an outfit each day.”

It’s purely up to you now, what you wear on a daily basis, but nothing is stopping you from wearing a normal shirt and your pajamas on the bottom, or just wearing your pajamas, or actually getting dressed. The options are limitless when it comes to quarantine clothing because no one is going to see you.

For the days you do go out quarantine fashion also includes masks, because even though they are technically required for when you leave your house, they are gaining popularity as people are now pairing them with outfits, so who knows, maybe masks will become a part of everyday clothing after this is all over. But until then get creative with what you wear because it’s a new world out there and you have the power to stay comfortable regardless of what you’re doing.