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U-Halley stadium waits, empty, for the day it can be filled with smiling students and the rumbling sound of cheering once again.

Nathaniel Barbosa, Staff Writer

Don’t worry Alta Loma student athletes the wait is not much longer.  All fall sports practices will begin around December 14th if the health data on San Bernardino County continues to trend downwards. However the battle of Covid- 19 is not over, so there will be adjustments made to practices and games to prevent the spread of the virus.

Students athletes have still been preparing for their sports, it’s just not in the traditional sense. With the Alta Loma campus and it’s facilities closed it’s been difficult for students to train for their upcoming season. During these strange times Coach Pasquarella says “We are doing the best we can.” He does this by sending his football players, in his 1st and 7th period, videos of drills to keep them in shape, to improve their technique, and overall performance, before their real practices begin on December 14th. 

“The way CIF has it right now on December 14th well be able to start practice.

That’s assuming that the district says we can begin meeting with the boys.” However, Coach Pasquarella hopes he can meet with his players sooner than that, with the permission of the district. Also January 8th is expected to be the first football game of the preseason. Coach Pasquarella couldn’t confirm the practice date December 14th for all the other Fall sports, but they should all start around the same time. That is if the San Bernardino County infection rate continues to fall. 

During meetings, in the weight room, and if players are on the field without a helmet they will be wearing masks. Coach Pasquarella also said “If we are engaged in drills where they have to be able to breathe and get oxygen into their system then they won’t have to wear masks but we still have to social distance”. Although, when December 14th rolls around it is unsure how contact will be installed without breaking the social distancing rules.

As long as the San Bernardino County infection rate of Covid-19 drops, fall sports practices will begin around December 14th. This gives players a month of preparation for games, which are starting around January 8th. Masks will be worn, except when players need oxygen. Coaches and players plan for social distance, but are for now unsure how contact sports will follow the new protocols.