Chadwick Boseman: Father, Hero, & Legend


– Chadwick Boseman is pictured here doing his iconic pose with a cancer patient at a St. Jude charity event.

Devin Gross, Staff Writer

Chadwick Boseman was one of the most prevalent actors in the world. Known worldwide for his picture perfect portrayal of the marvel superhero Black Panther, he was always recognized for what he was: a hero.

Boseman wasn’t just an actor. He was a son, a husband, and a role model for millions. Boseman was a huge step in black actors being given a platform in blockbuster films, and to be a fan favorite in the biggest movie ever was no small feat.

“It was a big deal for me, you know?” Said Christian Moore, a senior. “Seeing someone in such a big movie I could see myself as was huge.”

Unfortunately everyone must see their end one day, but his legacy will forever live on.
Born in 1976, Boseman was born in the small state of South Carolina, to a mother who worked as a nurse and a father who worked as a textile worker, he was a fan of the arts from day 1.

He wrote his first play in high school, and majored in fine arts at Howard University in D.C. He then graduated from another school of arts, New York City’s digital film academy. He had always loved acting and directing, and he never let anything get in his way. Even though it was his specialty, Boseman wasn’t just an actor, as he directed multiple movies, even winning an AUDELCO in 2002. However he will always be known for his outstanding acting skills, winning a total of 8 awards and being nominated for an astounding 127 in total.

Boseman utilized this fame to always give back, whether it was to his own community or larger charities. He was a huge advocate for cancer, and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the cause, as well as visiting patients what seemed like every week. Even after his diagnosis, and approaching his final days, he never failed to always make sure no one felt alone, and everyone knew there was someone looking out for them.