Your Mom Might be a Karen

Rylie Rodriguez, Staff Writer

A Karen was spotted at our local Starbucks screaming for the manager as her friend Suzanne holds her back

Imagine you are walking into your local grocery store and hear a full blown adult throwing a tantrum! Karen is no longer an “easy name”, these middle aged women will refuse to wear a mask in public, scream in your face and tear the stores apart until they get what’s wanted.

Your everyday Karen might be walking up to an employee and sticking her finger in their face or simply grabbing masks for sale and throwing them on the ground. Karens are worse than children! 

They will ask for the manager over the slightest inconvenience and even throw their drink at Starbucks baristas.  The term “Karen” has become very popular in 2020 and especially during this pandemic is when they showed themselves a lot more.

“I hate Karens. My mom will talk crap about the waiter if our food does not come quick enough but she’ll make sure she is loud enough for them to hear her. They think they are entitled to be rude just because they are customers, Karens need to chill.” Vivian Vo, Junior.

Karens are going absolutely insane and driving us crazy! If it’s not the manager they’re calling, it’s the innocent customers they’re bothering too. With their overly dramatic attitudes and nonstop complaining, Karens will find something and someone to be upset over.

They are unstoppable this year and are still at it, it is ridiculous what Karens are capable of doing. If you hear or happen to see a Karen in public, keep your distance or you could be their next victim and they’ll come swinging!