The Newest Must Have Accessory: The Face Mask

Shelby Summerhayes, Staff Writer

Even though they are essential, face masks are becoming stylish accessories.

Over the past few months, the fashion trend around face masks has evolved rapidly.  Following the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has insisted that all people wear a face mask in public locations.  With masks being on the front of everyone’s mind and bodies, it has become a trend in the fashion industry.

Many lines have already created masks, designed with special components and intrinsic details that bring face masks to a whole new level. Brands like Off-White, for instance, have made masks from cotton and added diagonal pink and white stripes over the top, while Tory Burch has sold a variety of printed floral masks with some that even match the line’s own dresses.  These brands and others like Gucci, Revolve and Louis Vuitton seem to believe that if everyone must wear a face mask, they may as well fit into one’s own personal style.

Fashion brands are not the only ones who saw this rising trend as an opportunity. Freshmen, Vanessa Anchang said, “Making face masks is a really fun project to do when bored.  I love that I can make my mask my own by spicing it up in creative ways.”  In quarantine, many people have started to custom design their own personal face masks for their self, family, friends, and others.  River Roof also shared, “I love wearing my own custom face mask because of how comfortable it is, and I like to wear them when I go out.”

Whether someone wants to have a designer, custom made, or regular mask, face masks are being sold around the country almost everywhere.  Fashionable face masks of all kinds can be found online, in retail stores, mall kiosks, and even street vendors.