Starting High School Online

Sofia Estrella , Staff Writer

Sophomore, Stephanie Suarez, working on her assignments while on a Zoom call.

As the school year progresses, freshmen continue their first year virtually. Seven months into this global pandemic and a new school year rolls around, this time though, students are forced to begin their year online. For freshmen, starting at a new school can be nerve racking, and being completely online is a whole new territory.  

It can be hard to manage schoolwork and everything going on since COVID- 19 took over everyone’s life. “It’s harder to get comfortable with the class since it’s onlineAnd not being able to see my friends every day is the worst part,” stated Miranda Becerril, freshman.  

 “It sucks not being able to see my friends or properly meeting my teachers. But I like being home and being in my own space,” says Sarai Fresquez, freshman. Both students agreed that staying home and not risking the safety of their families is what was important to them. 

 Online school isn’t new for just students, teachers are also learning to utilize Zoom and Canvas with multiple classes a day.  

“Something I dislike the most about online learning is seeing my students on mute, not hearing their laughs, and not being able to get a genuine interaction. I enjoy not having stacks of papers and having it all online is much easier to manage,” says Jennifer Diehl, biology teacher. 

Teachers seem to have different methods when it comes to their approach towards distance learning. 

“With in-person classes I can try to persuade non-talkers to talk and volunteer in class, but it is much harder with online classes. Students choose to have their cameras off or when they have their cameras on it may not be focused on their faces, so it is harder to ask for volunteers or read facial expressions to check for understanding. Some fun things we do is book sharing, share a pet, share something you are proud of, crazy hat day, two truths and a lie, etc. We are all working in our own little room or space and can’t be as social as we would like so I hope that by having something fun to do in each class it will give students a chance to be social, get to know each other, reach out to others and enjoy the online school experience,” mentions Jennifer Batdorf, english teacher. 

The school year has just begun, and no one really knows how long school will continue like this, but for now, staying home ensures the safety of students, staff, and faculty. So, whether students are joining classes on their bed, on the floor, on their desk, or even in their backyard, what’s important is that everyone is patient while people wait for further news regarding schools opening back up.