Hurricane Laura

Maria Soto, Staff Writer

The city of Cameron, Louisiana after the horrific hurricane passed through.

Hurricane Laura has been named a Category 4 Hurricane. This hurricane started to form on August 20, 2020 and it ended on August 29, 2020. This started in Hackberry lies south of Lake Charles and north of Cameron, where the hurricane made landfall. 

This all just started as a power outage for many people then it kept intensifying to Category 2. As soon as this hurricane intensified it became a category 4 hurricane with about 140 mph winds, and it was moving across southwestern Louisiana. Many people have been without power outages for many days in Louisiana and now also in Texas. 

“We had a couple of buildings around us come loose. A couple of antennae and satellites off of some boats.” After so many days, the hurricane weakened up to a category 2 with winds of 110 mph.”

The National Hurricane Center warns that this “unsurvivable” storm urges of up to 15 feet could overwhelm parts of the Gulf Coast. Meteorologists say that the storm could reach about at least 20 feet high, and this could cause disasters in many little coastal towns like Cameron and Holly Beach. 

As Hurricane Laura continued to move further, the winds were 110 mph, which makes Laura a strong Category 2 hurricane. The eye of the storm was  located about 45 miles north of Lake Charles on August 27. 

Austin Lewis stated in CNN, “It’s not so bad at the moment. We’re in the eye now. Right before we got into the eye, it was — the highest gauge we got here was 137 miles per hour,” he told CNN.

Hurricane Laura is the 10th hurricane with winds 150 miles per hour or higher since 1850. Many more hurricanes will come after Laura, and no one knows if they would be as deadly.