An insider on the Gym Expansion

Building it’s way up to the heart of our school!


Gym expansion grows and grows each day, now it’s began the cementing process.

Valerie Diaz-Ruiz, Editor

Alta Loma High School has been undergoing the big project of reconstructing the gym since the summer of 2019. An updated and larger gym has been something that the students of Alta Loma have been hoping for, for years.

This project that everyone at Alta Loma has been hoping for will soon come to fruition. With all the curveballs that 2020 has thrown everyone the timeline of the gym reconstruction has been something everyone has been confused about. This COVID pandemic has drastically affected the way we’ve all lived, so it would be no surprise if the construction was also affected.

The only question is how has this pandemic affected the construction, whether that’s negative or positive.

When asked, our principal Mr. Kaylor, about how the pandemic affected the timeline he said “Surprisingly it’s actually moved the construction along quicker, than what was proposed, because students haven’t been on campus its allowed the construction team to take up more of our land and be able to bring in machines and their actually ahead of schedule.”

Hearing this news actually brings some positive light to everything that has happened this past year. The big question that everyone wants to know is: when exactly is the gym expected to be done?

Mr. Kaylor said it should be done no later than April if everything goes as expected and hopefully it should be ready by graduation.

Mr. Kaylor also spoke about the appearance of this updated gym, “I walk in there and I am amazed at how big it feels. I’m excited about how large the bleachers are going to be. The new foyer, I’m excited about with brand new restrooms and an opportunity to come in and be able to showcase some of the plaques and awards from our athletic department from the past.”

This news has made the thought of going back to school even better. Having a new and grandeur gym to come back to will surely be the frosting on the cake of my high school experience. Hopefully this will get you all excited about the idea of coming back to school.