Virtual Class look into Marching Band

They’re marching their ways through mics and all!


Drums and Saxophones, to many more we’ll be hearing them along with the rest of Marching Band blast it out around hopefully next fall.

Chris Apablaza, Staff Writer

During these hard times of virtual learning many classes are now online. An example of these classes would be Marching Band. Marching Band is one of Alta Loma High School’s Entertainment Corps that you might have spotted in the field or during football games. 

Marching Band plays a very important part in the Entertainment Corps. They practice in the morning and sometimes after school just to get to perfection. With these times of hardship Marching Band is communicating virtually now to help its musicians to be the best they can be. 

Marching Band has done what all classes have done to communicate with each other. Using Zoom. Marching Band has different Zoom calls for all the sections and one large call for the band. There are Zoom calls for the Saxophones, Clarinets, Flutes, Percussion, and all the other instruments that make up the band. Marching Band is doing its best to continue helping its students to continue with their musical education at school.  

Both students and Marching Band leaders (Drum Major and Assistant Drum Major), Alex Romero, senior, and Nylea Garcia, senior, had this to say. They both agreed upon that they haven’t found any struggle’s with the new learning method, technological or learning. To quote Alex Romero, “Honestly, there really hasn’t been any technological or learning struggles with band. I believe because I’ve been in the program for almost four years now the music comes fairly easy to me, and technology is not an issue for me at all.” 

 For the Zoom practices they agreed upon a few things. Nylea Garcia stated “ Yeah I enjoy the Zoom practices. I’ve learned a lot from out clarinet instructor (Sandy) during sectionals. I also like how we’re able to communicate more often on Zoom. During our actual rehearsals in person, I feel like we had less time to have fun and get to know each other”. 

 On the other hand, Alex Romero said “I think the Zoom practices are a great way to have the band continue playing their instrument. Sometimes the Zooms maybe be laggy or might have bad audio, but it isn’t a terrible experience. However nothing beats face to face instruction”. 

 The leaders in the band play a major role in the band and here’s what Alex had to say about how they are dealing it with their position. He stated “I feel like I’m dealing with my position well. There really isn’t a lot for me to do except to be a good example to the younger members and just stay positive and optimistic. The other leaders also have the same role and are doing absolutely great. They make my job a lot easier”.   

Nylea and Alex both stated that having marching band in person would be better than virtually, but they also stated some positives. Alex stated “…honestly I think I’m liking this years band more. This year is teaching me a lot about myself in and outside of band. There are also a lot of cool experiences with being a drum major that outweigh last years season.”  

Nylea also stated “…but having rehearsals virtually has had some positives. Our shortened rehearsals have given me a lot more time for me to complete my homework earlier...”. 

Both students agree upon that the teachers are handling class virtually very well. Nylea, stated “I think the instructors and Mr. Calderon have adapted to virtual learning very well. I am glad that we are able to substitute our regular in-person rehearsals with our weekly Zoom calls”. 

Alex and Nylea also agree that they feel horrible for the new freshmen who have joined Marching Band, and have to experience it now virtually. Nylea had this to say, “I feel very sorry for the freshman that aren’t able to enjoy their first year of marching band. I have tons of great memories from my freshman year in marching band, and it’s very unfortunate that this year’s freshman won’t be able to experience that”. 

Finally, for when Marching Band opens up again here is what Alex Romero had to say. He stated “I do not have a definite answer on when band will open up again. I’m sincerely hoping that next semester it will, but the safety and health of others is more important”. 

Marching Band seems to be handling itself well during these times and hopefully remains like that. Staff and students of marching band are working hard to make sure the entertainment corps has the best yearHopefully COVID-19 clears up so that students can get back to enjoy band.