Spooky Shoots

Don’t say Boo to these spooky photos!

Spooky photos are just what we need this fall season!

Photo Courtesy of TikTok

Spooky photos are just what we need this fall season!

Rylie Rodriguez


Halloween has always been a fun holiday for all and the month of October is everyone’s favorite time of the year to show their Halloween spirit.

This year for Halloween TikTok has not failed to start yet another viral trend. This trend is dressing up as a ghost and having a photo shoot.

The TikTok ghost photo shoot trend is simple, all that is needed is a white sheet and scissors to cut the eyes.

Teens are getting together with sheets over their bodies, holes cut out for their eyes and are taking pictures together for Halloween. A lot of the photo shoots were taken at a park, an empty street or just at home, each photo shoot is unique in its own way.

Some people are wearing sunglasses over their eyes and some put on hats to give each costume its own special look. This trend has become very popular on all social media now and not just TikTok.

Pictures of the photo shoots have made it onto Twitter, Instagram and even Facebook! 

“It was a really fun experience because the people I was with made it fun, I would totally do it again. We got our sheets all dirty but it was still really fun and just something different to do rather than staying home all day.” Amanda Hecht, Junior

This trend has become so popular with everyone bored at home but still wanting to be festive with the Halloween activities, they made fun out of dressing up as a ghost.

A funny trend that started on TikTok and is now everywhere and being done by so many people across the country.

Halloween in the year 2020 is going to obviously be different than what we have seen in the past years but we can still make the best out of it!