Light Up Your Room In A New Way!


L.E.D. lights have replaced other light sources as a way to bring colored lights into rooms.

Sofia Estrella

There has been a trend that surfaced on the app TikTok for a while has become really popular these past months. L.E.D lights have been making their way into just about everyone’s room.

It started as a simple way to make people’s rooms more fun and entertaining, once it reached TikTok, different trends were created using these colorful lights and soon everyone wanted them.

Most people know how influential social media can be, TikTok however, is somehow the center of every trend. And it happens to be the start of this trend. L.E.D lights have been around for a long time but have recently made a comeback in this year’s style and trends of 2020.

These fluorescent lights have made several trends on TikTok. Pretty much all of Gen Z can be seen on the app making videos incorporating these lights. 

“I like L.E.D lights cause there are so many different colors you can choose and I think it’s better than regular lights. It’s especially fun when you’re listening to music and you’re just vibing. They’re really fun to have when you’re hanging out with friends.” Says Cadence Burdwell, sophomore.

People also might not know that L.E.D lights are energy-efficient lighting. It helps reduce the global electricity, according to researchers.  People can also link their lights to their phones and control it from there, people even use this as their main source of light. 

It is even said that L.E.D lights help people who have trouble sleeping or waking up in the morning by boosting concentration.  Clearly, these lights are popular for a reason and it helps save energy.

Whether people saw them on TikTok or from their friends, L.E.D lights are a fun and energy conserving way to brighten up people’s rooms.