What is it with this homework overload?

Is it too much?


Photo By Chris Apablaza

This is just too much math homework, right?

Chris Apablaza, Staff Writer

Traditional classes have now been moved online, and some students feel that there is too much to do, while others feel that regular school had a much heavier workload.  Now the question is: which one gives out too much homework? Online school gives a plentiful amount of time and leaves students in the comfort of their own homes and allows them to complete their homework ant whatever chosen time they wish. 

 Alta Loma High School’s online schedule is built a little differently though. Students attend first, second, and third period Tuesday and Thursday, while they attend fifth, sixth, and seventh on Wednesday and Friday. Students have different class for each period, and this might determine how much homework they have in a day, which could be very much, very little, or just the “right” amount. 

 Homework is very helpful for students, as it helps them learn the material, understand the material, and study, but are teachers handing out too much homework? A study from the National Center for Education Statistics found that students on average spend around 5 to 7 hours a week on homework, but on online school students on average spend around 3.5 to 4 hours, which is lower than the average spent on 5 to 7 hours. 

This could possibly mean, that students need more homework, but that could result in many mental health issues which is very important for students to be in a healthy state of mind. 

Homework can cause stress, anxiety, and depression and students should not feel that in the comfort of their home as they attend online school. Studies show that, teens on average should spend around 2 hours on a screen, but with school being online, it surpasses that. At the same time, if they have homework, school goes over the limit with screen time which hurts its alumni’s. 

Here are what Alta Loma High School students Paige Schermerhorn, freshmanand Paris Tuma, had to say, and as well science teacher, Heather Roberts-Gundrum about what they think about homework. 

Both students feel different about homework. Paris Tuma stated, “I have mixed feelings about it for the most part. There are times it becomes overwhelming, and other times where it’s just easy to get through and helpful with my classes”.

Paige Schermerhorn on the other hand stated, “So I feel homework is a waste of time. I say it is a waste of time because it takes up too much of people’s time...What I’m trying to say is that it takes away from family and quality time from the student and their family. And we students already go to school for like 6 hours and if every teacher we go to that day assigns us homework, we would be doing homework for a while. 

Mrs. Roberts stated, “It’s important, but I don’t think students need to be overloaded with work simply to give it”.  With school online, students and teacher now must do homework by (usually) computer, which can come with stress, if the assignment was turned it, the assignment was deleted, or if the assignment is going to be turned in late. Both students agreed that they are very stressed homework, with Paris Tuma saying, “Very stressed. There are moments in time where I consider giving up, but I still do it in the end. I just feel like it constantly piles up no matter early I finish”. 

Mrs. Roberts agreed with students, by saying “Yes. I never know if the work is going to be too hard or confusing. It is a ton of work to grade and to always leave comments on why students have lost points and how to improve. Most importantly, I don’t know how long students are going to spend on one assignment” 

Another statement both students agreed upon, was how much time they spent on homework, with them stating three hours as their usual, but they both didn’t have an estimate for how much homework they receive. Mrs. Roberts stated, “Usually just 1 assignment I hope takes less than an hour, but not everyone learns at the same rate”. 

Students Paris and Paige also stated that their teachers assign too much homework, but Paris stated, “Sometimes it feels like it, but at least they give me enough time to do it”. Mrs. Robert on the other hand stated, “I think I am giving the right amount, but I don’t know how much other teachers are assigning”. Both students and teacher, partially agreed upon if homework is a needed during these times.  

Paris Tuma said, “I think it’s 50/50. For one thing it’s somewhat helpful, but only when you actually know what you’re doing.” Paige stated on the other hand, “I don’t think they should because the schoolwork we receive is technically already our homework”.  Mrs. Roberts statement, agreed with Paris, since she stated, “Yes and no. I give assignments to help students better understand material, but I don’t believe in assigning work just to assign it. My work has a purpose”.  

Finally, for what the students wish to say to their teachers, Paris stated “Please don’t give us homework it isn’t good”. 

Paige on the other hand stated “Ok first I feel like you should stop giving us all this work because it piles up really easily and also it would help me a lot if you guys could explain what you guys are teaching us like in several ways not just one way. And also, every teacher gives a lot of homework so if you could stop giving us this much homework it would be very helpful.” 

For what teachers wish to say to their students about homework, Mrs. Roberts stated, “Try to do some the day you get it so that you can get help on questions you are struggling with”. 

Students and teachers both seem to be stressed out with online school and its homework assignments. Both students and teachers though, need to work together during these times, because each have their own problems. Homework should not be something that stresses students out, but something that helps them furthermore expand their knowledge.