Dance goes full Virtual

Let’s see how they’re doing this season.


Photo Courtesy of ALHS Dance Twitter

Dance start off their mornings bright and early together as a team!

Emily Leach, Staff Writer

With the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 in California over the past months, many things have changed for citizens. People are required to wear masks everywhere they go, we must stay 6 feet apart from other people, etc. However, one of the biggest changes caused by the COVID-19 outbreak is the changes in the school.

Here at Alta Loma, the school has shifted from being completely in-person to being completely online, causing students and teachers to have to adapt to this new and unfamiliar environment. Science classes have to change their experiments, math classes must teach all the curriculum online, and even P.E classes have been changed to the online world. However, one of the biggest changes in Alta Loma is the Dance classes.

Dance classes at ALHS have been changed drastically due to the all-online classes. Instead of being able to learn dances, and dance moves, in person, students part of the ALHS dance have had to learn all their dances through ZOOM classes.

Unlike the in-school dance classes Alta Loma used to have, students are now learning everything through their computer screens rather than being able to learn in person, which creates a challenge that has never been faced before.

Paige Schermerhorn, a freshman apart of the JV Dance team, said that the hardest part about doing online dance classes was “[learning] the dances because [she] is used to having danced in person and having the coach help [her] out.”

In school, Alta Loma dance would have had many rehearsals and performances in person. The students would get hands-on instruction, which would make it easier for them to learn moves or numbers that they may be struggling with.

However, now that students are online and learning dance, there is much more challenge in learning the moves. Since students are unable to meet in person, many may have a much harder time understanding the dance moves they are learning, since they are only learning them through a screen. This barrier created by distance learning is something never seen before, so there have been many new ways that have been made in order to overcome it.

Online dance classes have become a new way for students to learn dances here at Alta Loma. The concept of learning all dances on the computer is still something new and unique for all students and teachers participating, so there is still so much for everyone to learn, and there is so much more to come.