Jumping on in to our Online P.E. Courses


Photo Courtesy of usnews.com

Online P.E. taking different sorts of turn and here is just a quick example.

Nicholas Khoury

Ever since this pandemic started, online P.E. classes at ALHS have been put into a weird position. This has been awkward for both students and teachers, as not everyone has adequate equipment to stay fit at home.

To combat issues like this, P.E. teachers are assigning work about nutrition and other fitness topics. They also want students to complete a mile in under 14 minutes once a week. These circumstances have not felt like real P.E. since the beginning of the school year. A large part of physical education is interacting and communicating with other students. For obvious reasons, we have been stripped of that right.

This has also lessened students’ interest in school as P.E., as it is the favorite subject of a lot of students. P.E. gives kids a break from being cooped up in the classroom and lets them let loose and exercise. Tanner Daniel, a freshman, said that “P.E. is going good and the assignments are understandable.” However, he also would like it in person again.

The teachers don’t like this format of teaching P.E. either.

When asked for his opinion on how online school is going, Mr. Proctor stated that, “I find this method of teaching extremely dissatisfying. But…’It is what it is.’ I don’t like that I am unable to monitor/encourage student progress “in person.” I Do like the fact that we can have some limited interaction through zoom, and that we can assign and work on content that ordinarily we wouldn’t spend a lot of time with, since P.E. is primarily an activities based curriculum.”

Many kids have also stopped staying active since quarantine. P.E. was many students’ outlet to regular fitness activities and now many can’t do that. It doesn’t help that we can’t go to gyms for the time being either.

We can still always try as hard as we can to stay fit, because physical and mental wellness are crucial to living a long, happy life.