The dedicated Food Service Team of Alta Loma High

Our wonderful Lunch Ladies back at it again!

The Alta Loma lunch crew having another spectacular day prepping lunches for students!

The Alta Loma lunch crew having another spectacular day prepping lunches for students!

Jesus Sandoval Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Since the start of quarantine back in March of this year there has been a team of extraordinary ladies outside every day of the school week. That amazing group is, you guessed it, the lunch ladies!

Every Monday to Friday morning to noon the lunch ladies have been outside serving and giving out lunch to students. They have been serving lunch since back in March, which was over 7 months ago, and they are still out there.

“My mom would always tell me about seeing the lunch ladies outside and how amazing it was for them to be out there even when it was real hot.” said Junior, Ulysses Martinez.

They have some carts set up outside in the front gate and sometimes they’ll switch to the west parking lot areas. They serve lunch from 11:00am-12:30pm in the late morning to early afternoon and they will always greet students with their kind smiles.

The lunch ladies have been dedicated to feed students over these different and difficult times of Covid-19 and online schooling. It is a true service they are doing for the school and students and it has to be recognized.

“I haven’t had any of the food, but I did stop by to say hi and the lunch ladies were super nice because they offered me a drink,” commented Jonathan Gozo, Junior.

The lunch ladies actually started their own twitter recently to have a daily system reporting the foods that are available. So now the lunch ladies have a twitter on which they will post what food they are serving for the day. 

Their twitter is @LunchBrave if you would like to know more regarding their foods served on that day.

We thank our amazing and very dedicated ALHS Food Service team for providing lunches daily, keeping up the Brave Pride spirit and most importantly taking their time to show the love we all need by what everyone loves most: food!

Come out and support them during the week, they’d love to see your smiling faces.