The Brazil Wildfires of 2020 Updates


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Fires have swept through, causing animals such as this Jaguar to burn but locals have come to the rescure.

Maria Soto, Staff Writer

The 2020 Brazil wild fires are affecting Brazil so much. 44, 013 outbreaks of fires only between January and August and the Amazonas and the Pantanal.

The fires in 2020 are stronger than the fires that were seen ten years ago and also stronger than the fires Brazil had last year around the same time, these fires are said to grow more if the drought does not end. 

In the Amazon, there have been 6,315 outbreaks of fire were detected in the same, it has also surged a deforestation of about 34.5%. The Pantanal is known for being a wetland and not dry like it is now. 

At this moment there are 28,892 active fires according to a fire monitoring tool funded by the US space agency, NASA. About 15% of fires were in the forests during august, and in just one month it was now 62% of fires in the forests in just September. Deforestation continues to grow in the forests of Brazil. 

“From what I have heard of the wildfires in Brazil many animals are dead and that is really sad especially because they are running away trying to find shelter, obviously now that volunteers and veterinarians are helping, maybe animals will stop dying and they will be saved. I just hope that it all gets better over there and the fires do not grow than they have already grown” said Lily Sandoval, a junior.

There have been no human deaths reported but there has been reported that the wildfire hit very hard the animals lives. The Jaguars paws were raw and pink when volunteers found them at a river’s edge. 

Many animals are dehydrated, starving, and exhausted, but a veterinary team stated, “Many of these creatures are difficult to catch, as they live far from accessible roads,” stated in ABC News. There have been at least 1,200 vertebrate animal species that have been found dead, and at least 36 species are threatened with extinction.