Meet the newest teachers of Alta Loma

Students let’s greet them with our Brave spirit!


Photo by Brandon Talbot

One of our new teachers, Derek Rook, enjoying his new class space.

Shelby Summerhays, Staff Writer

Since distance learning has been intact since the very beginning of this new school year, the new teachers here at Alta Loma High School have not received the attention they usually would under normal circumstances.

This year the new school teachers are Mrs. Kallas, Mr. Hong, and Mr. Rook.

Mrs. Kallas is the new American Sign Language (ASL) II and III teacher. While, Mr. Hong is a new science teacher, and currently teaches geology and AP chemistry.  Mr. Rook is also a new social studies teacher who is teaching U.S. and World History this year.

Starting a new school is already stressful and scary enough, but this year at home learning school has proven to be even more challenging than usual.  These new teachers all have different ways of helping their own students adjust to online learning.

Regarding this topic Mrs. Kallas said, “I like to tell my students a funny joke before class to lighten up their mood because I know at times distance learning can be very frustrating.”

In addition, Mr. Hong also mentioned, “I like fostering a sense of community and I like to motivate students with many examples to help them better understand what I am teaching.”

To make things also a little bit easier for students, many teachers have also adapted new methods and styles of teaching.

Concerning his current teaching techniques, Mr. Rook shared, “I always make sure my classroom environment is a safe and comfortable learning environment and above all I love for my students and I to have fun while learning.”

Additionally, Mrs. Kallas commented, “I start each of my classes with warmups to get my students’ brains working and ease into the class.”

Even with this very rough start to a new school year there are still many things that the teachers on campus are looking forward to.  Mr. Hong said he is most looking forward to, “Building positive relationships with my students and hopefully one day this year meet my students in person.”

Mr. Rook also communicated that he is most looking forward to “Being able to one day meet his students and interact in person with them.”

Students and staff hope that these wonderful new teachers adjust to how time will be for Alta Loma before we can all finally go back to school. Thank you for choosing this awesome school and don’t forget, students, to greet them and show real Brave spirit!