Killer new looks with just one switch: Freaky

The basic killer switch of ‘Freaky’ you just have to see.

FREAKY movie poster with the simplest info youll need to know.

Photo Courtesy of Pintrest

FREAKY movie poster with the simplest info you’ll need to know.

Maria Soto, Staff Writer

A bit of magic and an old knife that can let you switch bodies with another person is so awesome, but when a serial killer takes over your body you have to get it back.

The newest movie called Freaky will be released on November 13, 2020 and it is both full of comedy and horror; the only thing is that this movie will come to the cinemas on November 12, 2020. This movie has already been rated 81 percent on rotten tomatoes.

This is a movie about high schoolers and a serial killer that has swapped bodies with Millie, the high schooler, when stabbed with an ancient body.

Many of teens think that this movie is just about comedy because when they watched it made them laugh, teens like Lily Sandoval a junior at Alta Loma high school says, “I saw this movie and to be honest I was laughing through the entire movie, you know some things were weird but cool at the same time, I don’t know but I really liked it.” 

This movie stars Kathryn Newton and Vince Vaughn as the lead actors of the movie.

Kathryn Newton had to actually learn how to use a chainsaw as we see in the trailer, “I knew this was going to be bloody, disgusting,” actress, Kathryn Newton, told TooFab in a recent interview for the movie ‘Freaky’. “I’m an athlete though, so I was excited to do some stunts and get into it, and learn how to use a chainsaw. But there was nothing that could prepare me for it, except maybe like a workout, I suppose.”

The actors in this film state that it is so exciting and fun to be working with so many different people.

“I think that learning how to use a chainsaw is so awesome, like you learn new things, stuff i would never expect to happen you know,” this was stated by Faith Alejandre, a junior at Alta Loma High School.

With the movie having the same B rated energy as ‘Happy Death Day’, the audiences should be expecting more horror comedy than anything. Not so much blood and gore as one would think in this whole body switch-up but we’ll just have to see it to experience it.

Don’t get too mixed up of yourself when going o see this movie unleash like nothing before.