Waterpolo back into the season

Let’s swim into this season and see what’s to dive into.


This is what we’ll be seeing as the upcoming practices take place.

Valerie Diaz-Ruiz, Editor

The ALHS school district has done their best to create a system where kids can be successful academically while dealing with this pandemic, but when it comes to sports many are wondering what the plan is.

If you play water polo you’re in luck because it’s coming back on November 9th. Finally the season of sports has come!

To adhere to COVID requirements the three teams: blue, black, and red will be training only 3 days a week and in pods of 15. Sharing towels, water bottles, or goggles is strictly prohibited.

Games and tournaments this season have been reduced significantly but with everything going on everyone just seems excited to come back at all. It has been a stressful task to plan and schedule everything when the future is still very unknown.

Water polo coach Kevin Nesbitt says “that it could all change any minute but for now everyone is doing the best they can”.

He also mentions that “ In order for this routine to work all the teams that have been set up have to work to the best of their ability to be mindful of their health and actions”.

Water polo coach Kevin has also made it clear that fundraising at an all time need due to the nature of the pandemic. He says “the pandemic has left financials an extremely confusing matter and we need everyone to participate to have a smooth season”.

Water polo is one of the few sports that is not financially compensated by the district so fundraising is a staple of what keeps the program functioning. The most important thing to remember is that everyone should be comfortable, safe, and healthy as we navigate this pandemic.

Hopefully a victorious season is ahead of us!