Broadways newest Musical: Ratatouille the Musical

The story of the rat of all our dreams.

Playbills finest musical cover yet.

Photo Courtesy of Buzzfeed

Playbill’s finest musical cover yet.

Paige Johnson, Editor

A new musical is bringing excitement all around the world.

Creators from the famous social media app, TikTok, have come together to bring a classic Disney animation to life on the stage for audiences all around the world: Ratatouille the Musical.

It will bring the beloved Remy the Rat to life through beautiful ballads, extreme choreography, tear jerking moments, and so much more.

Follow Remy’s journey as he leaves behind his life among the rats to the world renowned restaurant, Gusteaus. He teams up with Linguini to make delicious dishes that will wow the customers.

A question that is most often asked around TikTok is: “Will this musical be like Broadway’s famous musical, ‘Cats’?” The answer is… probably. From what creators have developed this musical looks like a modernized version of ‘Cats’.

The only difference is it’s rats and the story line is completely different. But the animals being brought to life for the stage is the same.

The idea came from a TikToker who posted an original song about Remy’s life and carried on by other creators of all time.

From what has been seen there are four completed songs, one for Remy, one for his dad, a quick one for the grandmother, and one for Emile. People have already been cast, including the grandmother from the infamous beginning seen with the rats.

People are also hoping to get stars such as Ethan Slater from the musical adaption of “SpongeBob SquarePants,” Noah Weisberg from “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist”, and Broadway actors Ciara Renée from “Frozen,” “Big Fish” and Patrick Page who starred in “Hadestown” to star in this musical, will they?

You never know, 2020 has seen crazier things.

The musical has already begun getting professionally recorded songs, stage directions are being completed, and hopefully it will be out for everyone to see in 2021.