‘Tis the season for Winter clothing

Seasonal comfy & cozy wear ready.

Cozy and comfty, winter season is all about that in outfits.

Photo Courtesy of Pintrest

Cozy and comfty, winter season is all about that in outfits.

Paige Johnson, Editor

As the weather gets colder and the nights get darker it’s time to trade in shirts and shorts for warmer clothes like jeans, leggings, and sweaters.

Unfortunately, the pandemic is still a thing so there really is no need to wear winter clothes outside, because there is no need to go outside.

However, even though these clothes can’t really be shown to the public, it is still so much fun to throw on a large sweater and some cozy pants and lounge around the house.

The best part of winter fashion isn’t the clothes itself, it’s the beautiful art of layering. If it’s too hot for a sweater but too cold for just a T-shirt, a flannel can be added and if it gets too warm later on, it can be removed.

Winter clothes are so unbelievably versatile. Being the wrong temperature is never an issue. Not only is it versatile it is also so comfortable, winter clothes are typically softer, the jackets, the pants, even the socks all seem to be softer than clothes typically worn during the summer or even the spring.

This is typically because when the clothes are softer or have extra cotton or fluff added, people stay warmer. There is more protection between the skin and the crisp air.

Senior Caitlin Skinner explains her thoughts on winter clothing, “Winter clothes are my favorite because they’re so cozy and winter is my favorite season. Plus most of my favorite shirts are long sleeved and you can’t wear long sleeves unless it’s winter.”

Of course it’s different for everyone. Some people despise the cold but you can’t deny the fun that comes with creating winter outfits, unless you really hate sweaters and pants.

Putting away summer clothes and bringing out the winter clothes is an exciting time because as the weather changes so does fashion, and it is never the same. Sometimes beanies and mittens are in and other times it’s scarves and peacoats.

Just like the weather it’s unpredictable.